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Dr Pathmanaban, a considerably experienced electrochemist has a Ph. D from University of Manchester, UMIST the most distinguished university in the UK for studies in Corrosion Science and Electrochemistry. This education provided the platform for Dr Pathmanaban to develop a business based on the design and manufacture of  ‘SILVION’ reference electrodes for use in Cathodic Protection Systems.

Dr Pathmanaban has been a leader in the Reference Electrode field for over 25 years and this is demonstrated by his in depth knowledge of the application requirements evidenced in his book

'Cathodic Protection of Reinforcement Steel in Concrete' published by Butterworths

Rob Britton has HNC qualifications and has been active in the Cathodic Protection industry for over 25 years. He has gained a wide experience of product manufacturing processes and QA/QC procedures for the corrosion prevention industry along with management of UK CP Companies.
Rob has worked in over 20 countries world wide including Europe, North Africa, Near East, Middle East and Far East on projects for the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Marine, Water and Power Industries.

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