Embeddable Electrodes for Concrete Types WE10, WE50, WE100 and WE100M

SILVION are proud of the fact that our reference electrodes have been used in concrete Cathodic Protection systems since 1985. Ag/AgCl reference electrodes are one of the key elements for the prevention of rebar corrosion in concrete and constitute the performance monitoring system for cathodic protection installations. Silvion electrodes are robust and have been specifically designed to allow permanent embedding in concrete. Our long life electrodes are suitable for high alkaline or chloride condition concrete and can be used for the monitoring of rebar/electrolyte potentials or for the control of DC power supplies.

All Silvion reference electrodes are supplied with a Calibration Certificate

Applications For Concrete

Bridges, Seawater Intakes, Marine Structures, Buildings, Cooling Water Towers

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Type WE10 Embeddable Electrode

Type WE50 Embeddable Electrode

Type WE100 Embeddable Electrode

Type WE100M Embeddable Electrode

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