Electrode for Soil Type WE200

To ensure that satisfactory levels of cathodic protection are being achieved on buried structures and storage tank bottoms reference electrodes are permanently installed to measure structure/electrolyte potentials. They can also be used as a sensing electrode to control the DC output power supply to the CP systems.
SILVION, Type WE200 permanent reference electrodes have been specifically designed for direct burial in soil and can be installed along pipeline routes at key monitoring points eg: Test stations, drain point, cased crossings, isolation joints, HVAC parallelisms etc. and are also suitable for installation below tank bottoms to measure cathodic protection potential levels.
All Silvion reference electrodes are supplied with a Calibration Certificate
Applications for Soil
Underground Pipelines, Underground In-Plant Pipework, Underground Tanks, Mounded Tanks, Above Ground Storage Tank Bottoms

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Type WE200 Electrode for Soil

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