Silvion CCS1 Ag AgCl Electrodes pressure tested

Monday, 30 November 2015

During September 2015 Silvion Ltd were approached regarding the suitability of our Type CCS1 Ag/AgCl electrodes for use in a deep marine application. We informed the potential client we had not pressure tested the CCS1 electrode and had no proof that the electrodes would withstand a pressure of 900bar. However, in an attempt to assist the client we offered to free issue CCS1 electrode samples for pressure test if the results of the test were shared with us.  Our offer was accepted; the pressure test was recently undertaken; and the results kindly reported back to us as follows:

"One electrode was put in a water filled pressure chamber and pressurized in increments of 1500 psi / 103 bar, up to a maximum of 15,000 psi / 1030 bar. After each increment, the electrode was removed from the pressure tank, put in a salt water tank and measured against the other electrode, which was also in the tank.
The voltage and resistance between the electrodes was measured, and the test electrode was visually examined under a magnifying glass for any signs of deformation, cracking or any other visual change.
Over the full pressure range, there was no significant variation in the electrical readings, or any sign of visual damage. The only reservation we would point out is that we were only able to keep the test electrode under pressure for a few minutes at each increment. No long term pressure testing was carried out.

However, given the results, we feel sufficiently confident that we will proceed with using the electrodes”.

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