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Reference Electrode for Permanent use in Brackish Water

In estuarine areas and tidal river mouths where steel structures are fitted with a Cathodic Protection (CP) system the protected potentials will be unreliable if measured with regards to a standard Ag/AgCl electrode. The standard Ag/AgCl element relies on the chloride content of the water (3-3.5% NaCl/Seawater) to produce an accurate reading. Therefore, depending on the tidal condition at the time of measurement and the chloride content of the water (saltwater can become diluted by fresh water at lower tidal levels) the potential measured with a standard Ag/AgCl electrode can vary dramatically.


To overcome this issue Silvion have developed the WE100-PBW and the SW200 electrodes which have a predetermined 0.5M KCl internal electrolyte to mitigate the problem of diluted chloride concentration in the water. Ionic continuity to the environment is via a microporous sintered disc. The WE100-PBW sintered disc is protected by a perforated screw cap containing a woven E-glass, whereas the SW200 is fitted with a perforated cap and porous sponge to protect the sensing disc from mechanical damage. Both electrodes are the ideal choice for use in seabed sand, seabed mud and estuary mud and waters. 

Typical applications: estuary and tidal river industrial installations and jetties etc. 


WE100-PBW height.png


WE100-PBW Ag/Ag Cl 0.5M KCl Permanent Brackish Water Reference Electrode

Standard issue copper cable (marine grade): 1 x4.0mm sq. H07RNF (BLACK)


SW200 Ag/AgCl Permanent Seawater Reference Electrode

Standard issue copper cable: 1 x 4.0mm sq. XLPE/XLPE (BLUE)

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Reference Electrode for Portable use in Brackish Water

The WE100-W  also has a 0.5M KCl internal electrolyte and is supplied with a threaded 300g end weight (this has a 12mm hole for added weight to be attached if required) and a threaded protective end cap for when the electrode is not in use.



WE100-W Ag/Ag Cl 0.5M KCl Portable Brackish Water Reference Electrode

Standard issue copper cable (marine grade): 1 x4.0mm sq. H07RNF (BLACK)

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