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Here you can find information about ordering procedures, production times and delivery costs etc. If you have any further questions or comments for us, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Q: How do I place an order?

A: You can place an order with us via the quick contact form on our website, or by email or telephone. We aim to respond to all enquires within one business day. Please send us your requirements (type, quantity, cable specification etc.) and we will provide you with a quote and an estimated delivery time from receipt of order. Shipping documentation such as Certificates of Origin and Conformity Certificates need to be requested upfront so they can be included in the quoted price and timeframe. 

Q: How much do you charge for shipping?

A: The electrodes are delivered by courier or via our freight forwarder and the cost of shipping will vary depending on the weight and dimension of the package(s), and the country of destination. Clients are responsible for payment of all local import duties and taxes needed to clear customs. Shipping documentation such as Certificates of Origin and Conformity Certificates are also available at an extra cost.

Q: What is the design life of Silvion electrodes?

A: Based on test results, the majority of our permanently installed reference electrodes are guaranteed to work effectively for 30 years at a leakage current of 0.1µA. However, please refer to the individual data sheets of each electrode for full details. 

Q: How much do Silvion electrodes cost?

A: Silvion electrodes are individually priced for each job depending on the type, quantity and cable specification, if required. Shipping costs are then priced on top of this – see below for details. For larger orders, we do offer cost savings, so please do get in touch and we can provide you with an accurate quote for your project.

Q: Do you manufacture other types of reference electrodes?

A: We currently only manufacture silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) reference electrodes, all of which can be found on our product pages. However, we are able to manufacture specialist electrodes so if what you’re looking for cannot be found on our website, please get in touch and we will endeavour to design something bespoke to your requirements.

Q: Do you offer a returns policy or warranty?

A: We don’t currently offer a returns policy, but our reference electrodes are fully warranted against defects in materials and workmanship for six months from the date of receipt. We will replace/ refund any defect units within this period but we require the unit(s) for examination to determine any fault.

Q: How quickly can you process my order?

A: For small quantities of our standard reference electrodes, we can usually dispatch within 2-3 days from receipt of order. For quantities in excess of 100 units, or for specialist electrodes, these will be made to order and the delivery time will vary accordingly. If you’re down to the wire and need urgent supply we will endeavour to meet specific delivery schedules, but these are precision instruments which do require a minimum time to manufacture.

Q: Are the electrodes supplied with cable?

A: We make all our electrodes to order so they can be supplied ready for cables to be connected or complete with cable already attached. Please refer to the individual product descriptions for our standard issue cable, or let us know your requirements and we can source any other cable within reason. Alternatively you may wish to supply your own specialist cable for us to connect to the electrodes which we will fit free of charge.

Q: Do the reference electrodes need re-calibrating?

A: Our permanent reference electrodes are calibrated at the time of supply. If, for any reason, you need another copy of the calibration certificate, simply get in touch with us and we will re-issue it to you. We also offer a re-calibration service for all of our portable reference electrodes that you have previously purchased.

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