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Low Ion Reference Electrode for use in Potable Water

The WE300 electrode has been specifically designed to monitor potential levels or to control the DC power supply output for Cathodic Protection systems installed inside water tanks. These are suitable for use in potable water of very high resistivity as we ensure that the predetermined reduced chloride ion concentration (0.05 Molar) around the element is maintained by using an inert electrolyte compatible with the silver/silver chloride element. Ionic continuity to the environment is via a micro porous sintered disc. Since the chloride concentration of the internal electrolyte is approximately the same as that of the outside environment, electrolyte leaching of the chloride ions and consequent variations in the reference potential of the cell are eliminated. The WE300 can be permanently installed inside water tanks by securing the electrode to a suitable suspension rope and suspending the reference electrode assembly from openings in the tank roof.

Typical applications: potable water tanks or freshwater firefighting tanks etc.



WE300 Ag/Ag Cl 0.05M KCl Low Ion Reference Electrode

Standard issue copper cable: 1 x2.5mm sq. XLPE/PVC or XLPE/XLPE (BLUE)

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