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Permanent silver/silver chloride reference electrodes have been used for many years to provide reliable monitoring of Cathodic Protection (CP) systems installed on steel structures in salt water or saline water conditions. The CCS1-PERM and SW25D electrodes have been designed to measure the steel to electrolyte potential to determine the level of corrosion protection being afforded to the structure.


The silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) element in these reference electrodes is directly exposed to the electrolyte, seawater; hence these reference electrodes are not suitable for use in any other medium.


The CCS1-PERM electrodes are generally installed below the low water level at predetermined locations and used as sensing electrodes to control the output of the DC power supply. For permanent use, it is recommended that the CCS1 electrode be assembled inside a uPVC or equivalent housing for mechanical protection.

Typical applications: jetties, wharves, sheet piling, offshore platforms, seawater intakes, boats and ships etc.

Marine Grade Reference Electrodes for Permanent use in Seawater



CCS1-PERM Ag/AgCl Permanent Seawater Reference Electrode

Standard issue copper cable: 1 x 4.0mm sq. XLPE/XLPE​ (BLUE)


SW25D Ag/AgCl Permanent Seawater Reference Electrode

Standard issue copper cable: 1x2.5mm sq. Flexible Test Cable

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Marine Grade Reference Electrodes for Portable use in Seawater

Portable silver/silver chloride reference electrodes are also used to measure potentials on steel structures in seawater to which CP has not been applied, to determine if the structure is freely corroding or as not the case may be.  


The CCS1-PORT is used as a portable reference electrode and has been designed for light everyday use in salt water and saturated saline water conditions. The SW100 is a more heavy duty option and the casing is weighted to give more control when lowering into the seawater and to ensure minimum disturbance from tidal movement.


Both of these portable electrodes are generally used during monitoring visits to measure steel potentials at key selected test points where the electrode can be suspended and dropped from deck level into the water close to the structure.



CCS1-PORT Ag/AgCl Portable Seawater Reference Electrode

Standard issue copper cable (marine grade): 1 x4.0mm sq. H07RNF (BLACK)


SW100 Ag/AgCl Portable Seawater Reference Electrode

Standard issue copper cable (marine grade): 1 x4.0mm sq. H07RNF (BLACK)

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