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All Electrodes are supplied with a Calibration Certificate

Silvion stands behind each reference electrode it makes which is why we test every single one so you can be sure of its quality and consistency. Silvion electrodes are individually calibrated against a Saturated Calomel Electrode (SCE) in laboratory conditions and a calibration certificate is issued with each batch. They are then tested for internal impedance and each half-cell is given a unique serial number, allowing for traceability throughout its lifetime. 

We supply five types of cable as standard options, details of which can be found next to each product (any reasonable length of cable available). We can also supply the electrodes with other cable specifications but special orders may involve longer lead times while the cable is being manufactured. Alternatively, our electrodes have been designed as two separate housings which couple together via male and female threads allowing clients to supply and connect their own cable tail. The electrodes are supplied with the silver/silver chloride (Ag/AgCl) element section of the body completely sealed and with a compression gland to accept up to a 1 x 6mm squared double insulated cable.

Any Reasonable Cable Specification can be met 


For Steel Reinforcement in Concrete Structures


For Buried Pipelines and

Tank Bottoms


For Submerged Pipelines,

Offshore Platforms and Marine Vessels


For Waterfront Structures and River Vessels


For Tank Internals


For Specialist Applications

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